Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Have an old iPod?

Yea, so I started blogging then...well...disappeared.

Ok, I mentioned earlier that simple or old items around the house, dorm, car...etc. could become great new products. Well, the iFlask is the perfect example of recycled ingenuity. I am lucky and have a super creative uncle: Jim Watson. See http://www.jamesrobertwatson.com/ for proof. I tell no lie here.

Here is his genius product:

He, being an Apple guru, had this old iPod laying around the house, and took it apart. This makes sense; he's curious. Have you ever wanted to just have a quick drink where, well, you are not suppose to? Check it out, the head phone jack doubles as the spout. Note: when you take it apart, if you attempt the task, be sure to darken the screen to a nice green or silver color. This way it looks legit when it is put back together.

Uses: I leave it to your imagination. I'm not recommending anything.

I apologize for being short. last 10 hours of my (first) senior year are getting in the way.