Saturday, August 7, 2010

Twitter's Undiscovered Utility

I say it is undiscovered, yet I picked up this idea from my WWW BFF(Yes, that's world wide web best friend forever. go ahead. laugh. we're comfortable with our relationship.).  Dave mentioned that he was setting up a new twitter account, as a blog/space to jot things down, and my first remark was "When are you going to follow me?"  I figured he wanted to make an account, untied to his normal stream of friends, as a channel to vent, ponder, and express other thoughts, but this was not his strategy.  He said he wasn't going to follow me or anyone for that matter, and he was going to protect his tweets.

Well, that's weird.  

Actually, its insanely smart.  He's not using it as social media; in contrast, he's using it as the ultimate notepad.  He can log on from anywhere: mobile, work, home, or anywhere web accessible.  Thoughts, questions, observations, things that pick his brain, to-do lists, notes, etc. are all simply saved with a little 140char tweet.  You have mobile apps that have web and notepad-style functionality, but he's already in the habit of checking twitter...frequently.  

Pretty clever, or so I think; moreover, he found a second utility of something he already uses.

Nice work @dmbcalvert


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