Monday, November 1, 2010

Dedication: (noun) throwing your all in to something.

The Rangers lost, the Cowboy's lost, and my fantasy team is winning. I care about the first two, as I am a native Dallas-ite and have followed the teams off and one since I read the sports section with my dad, some time around 2nd grade. I recited the stats, kept up with records, and collected memorabilia (i.e. cards, hats, pennants, etc.). However, even with all my interest, I had no direct impact on the teams. I was left with emotional ups and downs sitting and watching how the games unfolded. Looking at my fantasy team, I have some control.  If I forget to set my lineup, its my fault, not the millionaires' on field performance.  What I'm alluding to is I can walk away from a game. Happy or sad, I'll get over it, knowing "it was just a game." In fantasy, if I lose in the playoffs because I forget to trade my injured QB (Romo) for a healthy one, then I'll know I made the mistake.

That intro isn't versed to tell you that I place fantasy in the clouds of glory and on an all high and mighty threshold of importance. It may be for some, but what I'm moving toward (at a painfully slow pace I realize) is the dedication that you put in to something of which you can directly affect the outcome.  

Passive vs Active.

Which role do you want? Personally, I'd much rather participate and feel the highs and lows, knowing with each swing in emotion that my experiences [hopefully] teach me something. With a negative outcome, I learn and improve(again, hopefully). With a positive outcome, I remember and re-implement. At least, that's the game plan.

Would you rather do monotonous tasks daily, or would you rather try to make an improvement or create a solution to a lingering problem?  Would you rather questions are dumb, but its relevant here.

I classify doing things in to two categories; events and activities.  Events, you can sit, watch, be passive, and enjoy. Activities, you're participating.  I won't list examples.  Its suppose to be vague, and I'm not going to define how to think. I may even change what I think is an event or activity down the road; furthermore, why create "rules" when rules are subject to change, debate, and set limits. Boring. Dumb. _____. 

To summarize my tangents, let me get dirty. Allow me to tinker and brainstorm. Odds heavily suggest my interest and involvement will increase and passion will root. Feedback is encouraged. If you disagree, awesome. If you agree...why? If you don't care, double why?

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