Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thinking, differently.

There are many, many thinks that make me pause (at least mentally) and ponder over.  

Why do keys still go in to the steering column on many autos?  

Why ado those very sophisticated business card holders/name plates in offices always accompanied by terrible pens (note below)?  

Why don't more vehicles use electric motors in the wheels, which could eliminate heavy transmissions, drive shafts, and axles?

Why do aiding countries expect the conversion of a recently tyrant-removed country to become cleanly and efficiently democratic in 10 years?  It took the USA...well, 234 years and counting to be "efficient."  That is not including the pre-revolutionary years of colonial America.

When will there be a Spice Girls reunion?

Why aren't velcro shoes more prevalent? You don't have to tie anything...


Why don't more people use frisbee's as plates????  Upside down, obviously, a frisbee has a ridge, preventing spills, and its easy to clean.  Even more, all it takes is a baby wipe, and that bad boy is ready to throw around.  This boggles my mind daily.


On to a more defined bunch of thoughts...

How come the creativity of people remains within them?  I took a road trip from Dallas to Minneapolis, and stopping at multiple Chipotle's, I created the defended of guacamole. The hero is covered in medieval-era, metal armor and wields the nemesis of delicious meals everywhere; a fork.

My sister took a trip to Paris with some friends, and check out the fun treats she brought home.  Now, I'll be brief with this one.  Drinking wine out of a straw, yeah, no so great.  But the idea highlights the real excitement here.  Picnicking on a glass-free beach? Problem solved.

My only comment is "Who needs Frosty, when you can hang out with this T-Rex?"  Busch Lights optional.

This is a start. I've started to write notes in one of my Moleskins.  (Keeps the topics fresh)

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