Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Viola the Tiger

I am a cube rat these days, and if you know me pretty well, you'll understand it when I suggest that my attention and attitude are not designed for tiny, plain areas. This being said, I have made it my daily mission to bring some light and laughs to our dismal office space we call the "Dungeon." A 10 second background on Viola: She is ALWAYS great. Me: "Viola how are you today?"
V: "Great!"

You get the point. Meaning the only way to really know how her day/weekend/etc. has been is to infer the number of 'r's' in 'great.' Leading me to create this for her the other night. It's neatly posted on her cube wall for all to see. I hope I didn't make too many copyright infringements....Oh well.

With out any further delay, Viola the Tiger:

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