Monday, July 19, 2010

Get/Got Punked

What makes you like to run errands?  Anything?  I'm not a fan, especially after a mentally draining day doing the work thing.  However, there are a help places I enjoy visiting.  You may know the first couple; coffee shops, bookstores, Chipotle, and REI.  The other end of the spectrum includes liquor stores (judgement is always passed on your purchase), grocery stores (temptation everywhere), movie rental stores(now obsolete), and automobile-related places(always $$$). With that being said, I dedicate this post to a great dude, who works at Firestone Complete Auto Care on Forest Lane @ Greenville, in Dallas.  


As I said, today was mentally draining. I would tell you more, but I can't/don't want to freshen the memory.  Leave work, think, I need to get my tires rotated. Cue iPhone 3G (NOT 4...sad) Maps feature.  BOOM. There is one near work.  Quick side note, when you buy tires from Firestone, they give you "free" tire rotations for the life of those tires. I quote 'free', because tires are EXPENSIVE, and it's not like they are super important or anything.  Upon completion of the rotational service the talented employees preformed, "Mr. Watson, you're car is ready."  Sweet.  Let's blow this joint.  "Ok, that'll be $354.76."  I froze, would have stuttered if I could think of words fast enough, and had the standard "What the..." shock look all over my profoundly confused face.  3 long seconds later, laughing "I'm just kidding. I got you man.  You should have seen your face."  Giving this a few seconds of my own to sink in, I joined the laughing sesh.  


If you know me, you should realize that I appreciated this.  What any awesomely punk move to make.  Naturally I thanked him for breaking up the flat-lining mood of the day and told him I respected his move.  


The relation of this event to my blog trend: my day took a turn toward the pondering world.  It's the little actions and comments that make me appreciate that event.  Obviously this move wouldn't work if you were a Congressman and told the US public that this bill was going to cost $12 trillion, the threw out the "HAHA GOT YOU!" 

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