Friday, July 2, 2010

Participate, don't be passive.

I'm doing the straight hipster move of chillin' in a Starbucks (FREE WIFI!, ok, I'm not really that excited, but its new, sooo why not), hangin' out on my MacBook. Word. Here's the kicker. I'm sporting a Geek Squad shirt. This is the key point to this post. I'm not doing a post about what I'm doing, but I'm taking a new approach to People Watching (capital letters on purpose).

Laugh away.

People Watching, which is easily the greatest activity in airports, coffee shops, during break periods on campus, and pretty much anywhere, is awesome. That's it. What better to do than guess conversations or thoughts or even the story of why Victim X how they are at that moment.

To the point. I rambled, sorry. I'm wearing this shirt, because everyone that walks in to order and does the casual look around notices the shirt. They look/stare longer, and you know they want to ask for help on a reoccurring issue at home/work. Boom. I just participated. Why just be passive, when you can launch the experience to a new threshold?

Ideas for improvement:

How can you set the stage?

Add props?

Wear a rainbow, clown wig.

How about set yourself up to be People Watched. Why not? If you can get people to start wondering "What the hell is HE doing??" Then you have just warmed up the playing field. They're bound to act different. Wear boots, with athletic shorts and a button down (This is actually a personal favorite wardrobe set-up).

OR my current favorite People Watching set-up: At White Rock Lake on Sundays, on the West side, there is a couple that sets up a "Free Advice" area, complete with extra chairs and wisdom. I'm dumb for not stopping by, but think about this one. They get to People Watch, and at some point, they get to solve the daunting (a dude just wandered over to me starring at the shirt, but when I looked up and looked preoccupied, he walked away. Sad.) mystery of "What is that person's story?", because they actually get to talk with Victim X. And, they get to People Watch hundreds drifting around the lake: those Lance Armstrong biker gangs, dog walkers, silly-loner bikers like me, and families(always good).

There you go. Mix it up a bit. Get it shaken, not stirred.

I think I rambled again. Cool. By the way, that's really how my thoughts work...interrupted and tangent-filled.

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