Monday, September 6, 2010

I Just Want Simplicity

This past week, I have been greeted with two new platforms to like/friend/follow on top of my already overloaded assortment.  Keeping up with MY OWN social media and blogs is hard enough, especially when added to checking out ALL of my "friend's" endless stream of personality-defining data.  Being a digital native is a full time job.  Last week, Apple decided to throw another course in to the already gluttonous meal that I try to digest daily.  Now I should monitor my web community's music interests?  I swear, if Chipotle or Starbucks comes out with a social media platform, where I get to see every burrito or drink that my friends are consuming, I'm going to yell....or just tweet "ahjsdfkjajsdklfalk ahsdlfkhaslkdfjlaks kjahsdf;l kjas~~~!!!!!"  


I have a novel idea that I wish someone could create for me.  Just for me, since I know no one else has the problem mentioned above. 


How about you take the platform of Google Reader, but allow me to uber-customize it for all my social media, with expandable folders/tabs that are my feeds.  Take the folders and pretend that each is Facebook, Twitter, Ping, LinkedIn, blogs, Google Buzz, and of course the google reader news feeds I already use. Then, you could customize it with folders that highlight specific Facebook friends, organized in groups, Twitter groups, pictures, comments, etc.

And while you are at it, include the options of two OR three columns.  I was too lazy to photoshop my examples in, so use your imagination.  




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